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The New Jersey Peripheral Nerve Surgery Restoration Team can help with pain and numbness of the lower legs and feet, even if the problem may be due to previous surgery or even diabetes.

Our team offers relief from Diabetic and Non-diabetic neuropathy symptoms through decompression of multiple peripheral nerves. In order to ensure the greatest benefits we utilize the "Team Approach.”

Surgery Restoration Team:

  1.    Dr. John Cozzarelli

  2.     Dr. Joseph Cione

  3.     Dr. Christopher Jay Mullin

  4.     Dr. Gregory Rivera

  5.     Dr. Eric Rockmore

  6.     Dr. Jyotsna Thapar



Meet the Doctors

Photo (L-R front): Dr. Cione, Dr. Cozzrelli, Dr. Thapar, Dr. Mullin

Photo (L-R back): Dr. Rockmore, Dr. Rivera