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Essex Surgical Arts Surgery Center, LLC.

727 Joralemon Street

Belleville, NJ 07109


To contact the Team for Consultation, please call:


Essex Surgical Arts Surgery Centre, LLC is a state of the art facility dedicated for ambulatory foot surgery and diabetic nerve restoration surgery. Essex Surgical Arts has a staff of seven podiatrists who perform same day foot and ankle surgery. With our registered nurses, there is 1-on-1 care and immediate attention for each patient when needed. A full-time board certified anesthesiologist is on staff to administer three kinds of anesthesia: local anesthesia, local anesthesia with intravenous sedation and general.


A specialty of Essex Surgical Arts Surgery Center is Diabetic Peripheral Nerve Restoration procedure, to reverse the symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy, such as lower limb numbness and burning pain. This is the only center in New Jersey that has a diabetic nerve surgery restoration team on staff. Doctors Cozzarelli, Cione, Mullin, Thapar, Rockmore and Rivera are the New Jersey Peripheral Nerve Surgery Restoration Team. The team was trained by Dr. A Lee Dellon, a pioneer of the procedure of diabetic nerve decompression surgery. He trains physicians all over the world to perform this delicate surgery. To date, there are 350 surgeons trained globally.

In order to provide the necessary state of the art podiatric surgical care, Essex Surgical Arts houses top of the line equipment on-site:

  1.     Ankle Arthroscopy

  2.     Endoscopic Plantar Fasciotomy

  3.     Radio Frequency Thermal Neurolysis Generator

  4.     Flash Lamp Pulsed Dye Laser

  5.     Radio Wave Unit

  6.     Fluoroscopic Imaging

  7.     Surgical Microscope

  8.     Pin-Point Foot Laser for nail fungus

A transportation service is available for all patients. There is ample parking on the grounds and the entrance is at the rear of the multi-use building. Our staff is also fluent in Spanish.

For a free consultation, please call Kim at Essex Surgical Arts Surgery Center at 973-450-1600.